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Equipment for WorkOut

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Комплекс «Work Out Стандарт»
Комплекс «Work Out Стандарт»
Двойной треугольник
Двойной треугольник
Рукоход классический двухуровневый и 6 турников
Рукоход классический двухуровневый и 6 турников
Шведская стенка
Шведская стенка
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To date, the rapid development of the fitness direction of the Workout (street sport, which is a class on the bar and bars). Our company promotes a healthy lifestyle and by its work tries to attract the younger generation to the sport. Thanks to our sports equipment, Workout appears in many courtyards of cities. We prepare the sites, perform the laying of the rubber coating and install equipment for the vorouth. In case you can not choose high-quality physical training equipment, you need to contact us for help.
In our competence: the installation of training structures both in the courtyards of the city, and in private possessions. If in the project of your country house there is a sports ground, we will certainly help you to buy sports equipment for the site of a Workout and to establish a sports complex. This will allow you not to miss training, being, for example, on vacation at the cottage.
The catalog provides a wide range of quality equipment Workout, which you can buy at an attractive price.
We can:

  1. buy bars;
  2. horizontal bars;
  3. the Swedish wall;
  4. a bench for rest;
  5. A manual and so on.

You can order as ready complete set, and individual elements of the sports complex (for example, buy horizontal bars). If you have developed your project site, we will gladly realize your dreams and mount a sports complex, invented by you. The entire inventory is made of a durable thick metal, which is painted with a persistent polymer coating and is designed for long-term operation.
Another advantage of our company CityParking is delivery of goods to any corner of the country in a convenient way for the customer and a guarantee for the product. At the set time, we carry out installation and repair of equipment, if required.
Equipment for physical training workout: beams, horizontal bars, Swedish walls and handles - are attached to the pillars using a specially designed clamp for connection. We invented and designed a clamp for the connection to which the patent was obtained. Only our organization has all the rights to legally use this collar.


Maintaining your body and body in excellent physical shape is very simple. Prove it can thousands of athletes from around the world, because the sites for the Workout are common in all corners of the planet. The fitness area of ​​the Workout is rapidly gaining momentum and is increasingly becoming popular among people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Also of wide interest is the variety of exercises and the general availability of such sports entertainment. A person who engages in sports always looks cheerful and full of energy.
We can proudly say that our sports equipment is used by many famous politicians, businessmen and sports stars.
For us, there is no division of people into strata of society. We manufacture and install sports complexes qualitatively for everyone: whether you are an ordinary resident of a provincial town or a large businessman from the capital. We are not faking! If you ordered sports equipment from us, rest assured that the celebrities who use our goods, he is exactly the same. The quality of our goods is not something to save. All products are made only of durable material, which you can not doubt.
The goal of our company is to unite as many people as possible in a huge war-ka-house.